SBF in Businesses

SBF Advent Calendar with Cricket and Fig

Teaming up with Cricket and Fig allowed me to partner two of my passions: chocolate and working with fellow small businesses. Working with Cricket and Fig to create a new product and new packaging was an exciting opportunity.

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SBF x Lolly Garden

Lolly Garden is a one stop shop for kid's clothing and gifts. I was hired to to design and create the window display. I chose whimsical designs to mimic the store's playfulness.

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Decorative Display

The owner of Lolly Garden uses every square foot of her store to merchandise and inspire. We collaborated to make this column both functional and artful.

SBF x Glacier Chocolate

Joining forces with two of my favorite things: art + chocolates was the ultimate collaboration. Partnering with Glacier Chocolate allowed the opportunity to design three limited edition truffles, create a new truffle flavor, and design Sara Bost Fisher for Glacier packaging.

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Sara Bost Fisher Art x Glacier Chocolate